Corporate History

Zeon Medical Inc. launched operations on January 1, 1990 as an affiliated company of Zeon Corporation, a polymer chemistry manufacturer. Zeon Corporation has continued to develop medical devices utilizing innovative materials, particularly biomaterials, produced by combining the company's exclusive technologies. The ventricular artificial heart, a typical medical device resulting from these efforts, was the first such product in the world to obtain approval for manufacture from the former Ministry of Health and Welfare (currently the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) in January 1990.

Zeon Medical Inc. began operations in January of the same year to sell these products. In July 1996, the export, research and development, and manufacturing operations of Zeon Corporation were transferred to Zeon Medical Inc., and Zeon Medical Inc. completed the establishment of an integrated system as a highly respected and integrated medical device manufacturer. Since then, the Company has been committed to expanding this field of business.

  1979–1981 The Research and Development Center of Zeon Corporation started commercial development of a ventricular artificial heart in response to a request from the University of Tokyo.
  1982–1989 Nine clinical studies and 61 clinical trials were implemented, primarily by Nihon University, Tohoku University, and Tokyo Women's Medical University.
  May 1989 Zeon Medical Inc. was founded as a domestic distribution company for the medical devices of Zeon Corporation.
  December 1989 Manufacturing of the ventricular artificial heat was approved by the Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  January 1990 Zeon Medical Inc. launched operations.
  May 1990 World's smallest external stationary pacemaker was developed and marketed.
  April 1999 River Xemex Ltd. was founded as a subsidiary of Zeon Medical Inc.
  March 2002 Second manufacturing plant started operation in Takaoka.
  April 2004 ISO 13485 certification was obtained.
  May 2007 Research and development center was moved to Takaoka.
  June 2012 Zeon Medical (Guangzhou) Inc. was established in China.
  August 2017 Tokyo head office was relocated.

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