Message and Corporate Philosophy

Message from Management

Noboru Yanagid President

Zeon Medical Inc. was founded in 1989 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zeon Corporation by taking over the medical care business of the parent company, which had researched artificial kidneys since the 1970s and thereafter ventricular assist devices. Since then, we have striven to contribute to society as a distinctive domestic manufacturer focusing on the development, manufacture, and sales of medical devices and equipment integration in the fields of cardiovascular and digestive systems.

The medical care environment has dramatically changed in recent years. Under these circumstances, we intend to protect lives and improve the quality of life. We are committed to achieving significant progress by developing products that leverage our proprietary technologies and adopting other advanced technologies.

Driven by a strong sense of mission, all of us at Zeon Medical Inc. will tenaciously strive to provide high-quality products that medical professionals can use with confidence.

Junichi Watanabe
President, Zeon Medical Inc.

Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to improving quality of life through the provision of medical devices with pride and joy.

Sustainability Policy

  • We aspire to realize a "Sustainable Earth" and "Safe and Comfortable Life".
  • We will firmly maintain fairness and integrity in our activities to be a trustworthy company.
  • Each of us will think and act proactively for a better future.





We replaced “Z” for Zeon with “X,” which refers to our willingness to challenge the unknown in the medical field.

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