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September 1, 2004
To Users of the ZEON MEDICAL INC. Web site
XEXMEX Web site Manager
All content (images, text, sounds, etc.) on this Web site operated by ZEON MEDICAL INC. is protected by copyright. Secondary use, including copying and distribution without permission, is prohibited unless such use is authorized by law, including personal non-commercial use.
Registered Trademark
"XEMEX" is a registered trademark of ZEON MEDICAL INC. and cannot be used without permission.
Information on Products and Services
The purpose of providing product information on this Web site is to make inquiries about products easier, but not to advertise or publicize the benefits of such products.
Medical Information
Information on illnesses and treatment methods on this Web site is made available to help persons understand product information, but is not to be substituted for information and advice provided by medical professionals.
Coverage in Providing Product Information
The product information on this Web site is intended for medical professionals and is not provided to assist the understanding of general users.
Although links to this site can be freely created, always indicate "ZEON MEDICAL" or "ZEON MEDICAL INC." and link to our top page. Please do not create links that use the frames.
1. The content of this Web site may be renewed or deleted without advance notice.
2. Operation of this Web site may be suspended, discontinued, or interrupted without advance notice.
3. For the content of this Web site, ZEON MEDICAL INC. strives to ensure security. However, ZEON MEDICAL INC. cannot guarantee against the risk of computer viruses.
4. Links between this Web site and sites operated by organizations outside of the Zeon Group do not constitute any special relationship (such as recommendations or cooperation) unless there is a clear statement to that effect.
5. For using links to this site, please follow the instructions of those sites.
6. This notice for using this Web site may be revised without advance notice.
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