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Medical equipment must improve the patient's quality of life by fending off life-threatening illness or disease and promoting recovery. We aggressively pursue efforts that interweave research, sales and production to develop innovative equipment that supports safer, more effective medical technologies.
The overall objective of our research and development is to continuously provide excellent and innovative products as a world leader while enhancing our own capabilities, based on our commitment to improve the quality of life. Every stage of our development work, from conception and design, to proposal and assessment, requires sensitivity to emerging medical technologies, abundant material expertise, precise processing, comprehensive assessment systems and high-level management development. The ZEON MEDICAL Development and Research Center, alongside the ZEON CORPORATION 's Research & Development Center, promotes the development of medical devices in close cooperation with the full organizational capabilities of the ZEON Group, encompassing such broad areas as polymer chemistry, the physical properties of materials, and fabrication.

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